SL2 vs. SL1 Revisiting Options in Layers

Mar 03, 2015


I've run into a possible bug you may be aware of but I want to confirm. Revisiting pages for my course is supposed to be universal throughout: "Resume Saved State" on each base layer and layer. It appears as though, in SL2, a "Resume Saved State" is not working with layers. The replay button and actually revisiting the layer are doing two very different things. When a layer has "Resume Saved State" turned on:

The replay button will not work as intended and always reset the layer back to it's initial state.

Revisiting the layer will work as intended and resume where you left off.

Because of this unforeseen circumstance, my Project Manager insists that I apply this on every base layer and layer throughout the course which isn't possible.  Would you confirm or acknowledge this for me? Lastly, are there any plans to correct this in the future?

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Joseph Replin

Hi Emily,

That wasn't really the answer I was looking for. I guess let me condense my previous message down to as little as possible. Even if I set a layer to 'resume saved state', the rewind button resets the layer back to it's initial state. Hiding/Showing a layer actually resumes the saved state of the layer.

In short, the replay button is behaving differently than if I were to just reopen the layer.

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