SL2: "When revisiting: Reset to initial state" not working in layers?

Feb 26, 2015

Hi everyone,

I am using SL2. The audio do not replay when revisiting a layer. I have an slide with 7 buttons and i have 7 layers where each button link (each layer has a button to close it). I want the audio in each layer start playing again when the user revisit it clicking the button in the slide again. I set the layer properties to "When revisiting: Reset to initial state" but it work just if the student goes out from the main slide to another slide and come back to the slide where the 7 buttons are. If the student click button 1 and close it and then click button 1 again the audio keep replaying in the same place where it was when closing or do not play at all if when closing the audio had already finished.

I tried the tiger Nicole is talking about in the top of this page but the audio still doesn't play.

I am attaching an screenshot of my layer settings and the tiger I added too.

I found a discussion similar to my issue and copied this post there as well:

Thanks for any help!

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Antonio A

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Yes, I sent the file and waiting now, thanks. I just found another related issue, and maybe you know how to avoid it. I have a slide with audio and a Layer in that slide with audio as well.

The layer shows when the slide timeline start and is setup to: "Pause timeline of base layer", as well have a button to close it (when closing the slide audio start playing).

It work but the problem is that if the student click in the slide and without closing the layer button goes to the index and click another slide and after that one come back to the first one, then both audios, slide and layer are playing at the same time.

If the student closes the layer clicking the button i placed in the layer, then after going to another slide and coming back, just the layer audio is playing (that is what i want)

do you have any clue about how to avoid that?

I am attaching 2 files one with the settings of the slide and another with the settings of the layer

Thanks for any help!



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