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I really like this new site, however, as the seems to be no more Mail and Friends functionality in this version of the platform, I'll ask and hope Articulate gets back to me.

In SL1, I was able to clone the Menu and Notes components, then manipulate the width of those components. In SL2, I can still do this with the Menu component, however, I am unable to control the width of the Notes component.

As an example, I have a Notes component 1100px wide, but the Notes are still displaying around 267px wide within it. The menu does display at 110px wide.

Can anyone contact me to let me know what file I need to adjust to accomplish this?


Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dennis!

You are correct. The ability to 'add Friends' and Private Message individuals was not included in this version of E-Learning Heroes.

As far as your question, are you saying that you are modifying the published output as that would not be something we support.

Perhaps someone in the community will be able to assist.

Dennis Hall

Thanks for replying Leslie:

The components I'm describing are the ones I had created last year with "the Blessing of" you Product Manager.

These are actually swf files that the user adds via the Insert > Flash function in Storyline.

This allows the user to replace load an Emtpy Player XML file, the use these ones that can be displayed / animated in the content.

I had them working fine in SL1, but since the release of SL2, the Note component does not resize in with yet the menu component still does.

You can see the demo here:

The Notes problem is displayed on slide 2.


Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

H Leslie:

Earlier this year (around March) I had provided your product manager with a link to all my Flash development files as well as all my jQuery scripts for the HTML5 player components.

I forget the fellas name and I no longer have emails from this site.

Anyhow, I had provided everything in hopes that Articulate would use it as a starting point for further development in the Player API.

That all seems to have gone into a black hole somewhere.

So... I'm still stuck with no solution to change the width of the Notes component in flash.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Leslie McKerchie

Oh no Dennis, sorry to hear that. If you are referring to the PM functionality of the forums, that information probably is gone. Did you ever submit that via case as I indicated above for our team or are you saying that someone reached out to you privately? I don't have any way of tracking that, but we should start somewhere :)

Dennis Hall

Hi Leslie:

within 2 weeks of this thread, I had uploaded my components .zip file using the feature request page. I think that was over a month past and it, like the ones I provided to your Product Manager, has fallen into a "Black Hole".

I've had no response from the Articulate team, not even an acknowledgement of the files being received.

Once again, the only issue I'm having is specifically with: My Horizontal Notes SWF file not picking-up the Width parameter from my AS file. Funny the Menu component does pick up the width from my AS file, while the Notes AS file uses the same calls and cannot pick up the width.

Tracing the Flash calls in Firebug, allows me to override the width in the Firebug console, but I am not able to do it in the AS files. So I know I could do it, but it must happen using a different AS function. I need to know that command.

Can you assist with this?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dennis,

The feature requests do go to our product team, and you should  have received a confirmation email - but they only follow up if there are additional questions or information they need to investigate the feature. 

I do see that the feature request was received and an acknowledgement sent from Brian Gil, Product Operations and I've included that below:

Thanks for suggesting a feature! 

We love to hear what our customers have to say and pay close attention to your suggestions. We want to help you solve your biggest challenges, and this kind of input really helps. 

When we plan new and enhanced features, we always evaluate customer requests and work hard to address the issues that impact our customers the most. 

We’ll be in touch if we have any additional questions about your request. And thanks again for helping us improve our products! 

Brian Gil 
Product Operations 

I don't have any additional information to share at this time, but please feel free to let us know if you need anything else. 

Fred Janssens

Hi Leslie, Ashley,

In SL2, when the Notes panel is set up to appear top right or left, the end of sentences in the text box of the Notes panel is hidden by the scroll bar (see attachment). I have tried to change the font, the size, the alignment of the text but in vain.

Is there an existing solution to this issue? If not, can you please submit a request to your technical team to address this.

Note: I know how to design the Notes panel myself but it adds to the clients' bill and AS is supposed to be a rapid elearning development tool. Clients are aware and do not expect this kind of additional charges.

Many thanks for your assistance here, Fred Janssens


Dennis Hall

Hi Ashley:

I was afraid this thread may get misconstrued by the respond the last person added about the scroll bar overlap. This is not what I opened this thread for. My original issue in starting this thread is because I created a notes component in SL1. When I ported the notes component into SL2, I could no longer control the width of the notes component.

I really do not want to have to start this conversation from the start again.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dennis,

I certainly understand, and wanted to reply to Fred in regards to that being a known issue. As for the information you shared with our team, as I mentioned it was submitted as a feature request and our team typically does not reach out to users unless they have additional questions about the feature or need more information. I don't have information to share in regards to where this stands as a feature - but if there is information to share please know we'll update you here or you'll hear from our team via email.