Bug still existing: SL3/360 - Blocking a correct dropped item - Bug

Jul 28, 2017


we found an issue in our courses we are converting from SL2 to SL3/360. In SL2 you could block items with hotspots or other items, but this is not working anymore. For example in a drag and drop exercise we want items to be blocked so the learner can´t drag them away once they are placed correctly or drop an other item on a correct one. This worked fine in SL2 via multiple ways (e.g. new layer with blocking item or animate a blocking item so it is laying above the drop item), but as you can see in the attached file, this is not working anymore.

Could you please fix this or implement an option (would be even better!) that once  an item is placed correctly the user can´t drag it anymore and no other objects can be placed over it and the drop item.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Susi! 

Thanks for sharing a description and file to take a look at. Sounds like you are referring to your slide 1 as slide 2 seems to be doing what you are asking. Perhaps that's your solution.

Do you have a sample .story file for SL2 where this is working? I'd like to take a look at that, then upgrade to see the difference and share with our team if needed.

Susi B

Hey Leslie,

I made a video of how it worked in SL2 and how it works now in SL3. Drag 1 is correct on drop 1 and should be blocked as soon as its dropped correctly. Through a layer on which the blocking hotspot is placed it works fine. (As soon as you want to block it via motion path it´s not working, don´t know why but the hotspot/rectangle is moved under the drag item although its placed on top of everything in the timeline.)



Leslie McKerchie

Hey Susi!

Thanks so much for sharing that video and examples of each course. That was extremely helpful in understanding your initial report.

I'm going to reach out to our team about the difference in behavior for sure, so thanks for reporting that. I'll attach this thread as well so that we can update when we can. 

Based on your SL2 file and the behavior that you are wanting, the user will know what the correct answer is once it's made even before hitting the submit button.

So, in the interim, I didn't know if editing the slide layer properties to prevent the user from clicking on the base layer would be helpful. It will make the slide inactive, but prevents the user from knocking that block back out.

Hopefully that helps a bit or gets your brain turning at least :)

Susi B

Hi Leslie,

sometimes we have exercises without a submit button so the user will see immediately whats right and wrong to keep it simple during the course. That´s why we really liked this option of blocking correct answers to help the user understand what he´s doing (especially if they are new to e-learning) and what we want him to do.


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