SL3/360 Restricted navigation/menu - solved

Aug 15, 2017


we are currently working on restricted courses. We want the learner to be able to skip the first scene but from the second scene on we want the menu/navigation to be restricted so they can click on the forward button when the timeline ends (or when they completed an exercise).

In the first scene I added a trigger to the froward button to change the state to normal so its not dimmed from the beginning. We want this in the first scene of our project so the learner sees immediately that he can skip (and this somehow activates the "jump to next slide trigger" on the forward button > which we want!). As you can see in the attached video (and files) the restricting functionality works differently in SL3 and SL360. In SL3 the forward button is normal BUT you can´t skip the slide until the timeline ends. In SL360 the forward button is normal AND you can skip the slides before the timeline ends.

My question now is: Is this how it should be working or is it a bug in one of the versions? Because we like the control of skipping only a few slides in a restricted course through the state of the forward button.



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