SL3/369 - Layering bug - drag items behind some drop items and slide master objects

Hi @all,

we have found a new bug, which is only visual not functionally influencing our exercises, but still confusing.

Some of our drag elements are placed behind an object or even the slide master objects when dragging them (see attached video). The exercise is working fine, but this could be confusing for our learners.

How we build this:

We create one drag and one drop object and then copy them. Sometimes we change things using the format painter, too.

- Storyline 360 version v3.15.15581.0 (and v3.14.15225.0)

- published for LMS html5 only

This happens in Articulate Review too BUT not in the preview in storyline.



(case number 01357333)

Edit: This happens in Chrome (Version 66.0.3359.139, 64-Bit), works in Firefox and IE.

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