SL3 autosave setting

Hi There,

Installed SL3 last week. Great update.

On my side SL3 has been crashing a couple of time. The fact that it is crashing is not an issue by itself(SL2 was crashing once in a while too) but it doesn't seem to autosave.

The save AutoRecovery information is set at ten minutes but the last two crashes didn't save anything. I was well behond the 10 minutes mark. Is there more setting, tricks or other stuff to watch for the autosave to be effective and validate?

Never looked at these setting on SL2, it was working defacto.

Anything to check on my computer? Production comp is the same as it was with SL2.

Getting scared now...



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rich,

To have the auto recovery work as expected, you'd need to have manually saved the file at least once prior to the crash.

Storyline shouldn't' be crashing that frequently though - so let's get to the bottom of that! I'll open a support case for you so that our Support team can reach out with next steps! 

Richard Lorrain

Thanks Ashley,

When I mean once in a while, it is really not that often considering I am working 40-50 hrs a week exclusively on Storyline and I can barely report a crash a week.

These crashes mostly happen on heavy loaded SL with audio, video, graphics and me trying to make it happen faster... ;-)

So. Now that I am with SL3, and I am migrating SL2 projects, my first move will be to immediately save that freshly converted/opened SL2 in SL3.

Thank you again. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rich, 

If you want our team to look into it, we're always happy too! You can reach out here - our Support team is around 24/7! 

In addition to saving your files immediately upon opening, you will also want to make sure you're working on local files, and closing Storyline down each night (or when you'll take a loooong break) from working. Also, some other good steps and practices to prevent file corruption are detailed here.