SL3 for Publish QUALITY, what are the settings for optimized for standard delivery

Mar 25, 2019

I know you can customize this, but I haven't seen any discussion that explains what the DEFAULT (e.g., "standard") Quality Properties are for SL3.  Are they what shows by default under the Custom radio button (e.g., Video quality 5, Audio bitrate 56, Image quality 80%)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

You'll see the audio settings noted here:

- Standard quality uses an audio bitrate of 56 kbps.
- Custom quality lets you select an audio bitrate between 16 kbps and 160 kbps.
- Optimize Audio Volume normalizes audio throughout your course for consistent volume across all slides. If your course audio already has consistent volume, you can speed up the publishing process by unchecking this option.

For videos, it's a proprietary algorithm to provide the best possible video at the smallest possible file size. Using the quality slider you can adjust to allow for a smaller file or a higher quality. You can also look at using the option for no compression as detailed here.

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