SL3 Generates 2 Passed Statements (xAPI / TinCan)

Feb 21, 2019

Dear Articulate Community,

I have been running to an issue with a SL3 presentation sending 2  "passed" xAPI statements when submitting quiz results.  The 2 passed xAPI statements are identical except that the objectId's are different.

  • First Passed Statement -  "id": "https://.../story.html/5mRoILd4I9C"
  • Second Passed Statement - "id": "https://.../story.html"

So is this a bug? Or is it intentionally designed this way?

If it is not a bug, how do I configure my SL3 presentation to only have one passed Statement sent?

Thanks for your help!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Bill and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for letting us know what you are running into with your project.

I've not heard of this issue before, but you took the right step in reaching out to our support team and sharing the file there so that we can dive in and take a look.

You should be hearing from someone soon.

John Costa

Bill:  This occurs in xAPI for all of my quizzes. It is by design as far as I can tell. This is Storyline 360 but I had experienced the same behavior in SL 3 and SL2 previously. 

The first passed/failed statement's object ID contains both  Course_ID/Result Slide_ID values. The Result information on this slide contains raw score data for generating displays on the result slide. 




The second passed/failed statement fires after you submit results. It contains duration and completion values for the course ID.  




Stuart Simon


In your second example, you did not include the "verb" object. Is it there? I want to know. I am creating a makeshift quasi-LMS for my needs, and I need to listen only for the "passed" verb. All other verbs, and interactions that do not occur on the parent course, should go in one wire and out the other, so to speak.

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