SL3 HTML5: Flickering of images and videos

I am having some real performance issues with Storyline 3 and the HTML5 output. I have a slider that flips through about 90 images (see attached file, this was a tutorial from an old presentation.) The slider and images are buttery smooth using SL2's HTML5 output but when using SL3's HTML5 output, the images flicker constantly when moving the slider. It doesn't flicker when using Flash output but no one uses Flash anymore and we need solid HTML5 performance. I would hate to have to keep using SL2 for HTML5. 

Also, this flickering occurs when video clips stop and start on my timeline. The video clip will briefly flash white before ending. Again, this only happens in SL3, not SL2 for HTML5 output. 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Perry,

Thanks for reaching out, sharing those details, and including your .story file so that we could take a look.

I see a tad different behavior.

Published with Storyline 2, the course does not work at all in Chrome.

Published with Storyline 3, I'm able to see some of the flickers you mentioned.

I do see that this has been reported to our team, so I'm going to add this conversation to the report as we track examples and user impact and this will also allow us to update you here when we can.