SL3 is here—6 months late

Apr 07, 2017

On 11/11/16 Justin Grenier stated, "Our perpetual customers got us where we are today, so we're committed to you, and we won't abandon you."   Unfortunately, that's precisely what it feels like.  On 11/22/16 and 11/30/16 Mark Schwartz led users to believe that they were working on "additional features new features we're working on for Storyline 3."  Later that day, Ashley Terwilliger reiterated that there were "new features we're working on" that were "additional" to 360.  By 1/13/17 Justin Grenier was up front in admitting that Sl3 was going to have the same feature set as Sl360, minus all the cloud-based and additional app features. Other than fixes for problems in SL360's initial release, there are no additional features.  As such, the only reason not to have released SL3 six months late was to lure customers to Sl360 first.  

It would be nice if Articulate were just straight up with their loyal customers.  It would also be nice if they actually had loyalty pricing that actually drew us in to 360 itself.  For example, those who invested in PMP licenses paid more to get upgrades for up to 3 versions.  I don't understand why Articulate is asking that these customers pay to upgrade for 360 service at all.  Instead, they could have said, "if you have PMP and you want to upgrade, we'll count each upgrade as 1-year of subscription."  Instead, they are asking that we pay $300/license the first year and $600/license in years 2-3.  Curiously, I can get a full, non-loyal customer version of Captivate for just a bit more than the super-loyal first year price.  If you had made the PMPs transfer straight across, many of us probably would have made the switch, become convinced over the 1-3 years of its value, and eventually jumped on board.

Articulate's intention may not have been to leave behind its perpetual customers, but it seems evident that it never intended to include additional features in Sl3 as initially advertised. As such, perpetual customers have literally been left behind for the past 6 months.  The future doesn't bode well for those of us who purchased PMP+3, especially those of us who need licenses to remain with a single machine instead of an individual (like those of us teaching classes of 12-20 people how to use the software).


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Brian Gil

Hi Peter,

I’m sorry you feel that we abandoned you -- definitely not our intention! We actually wanted to make sure that we were addressing the top requested features (such as closed captioning) before releasing Storyline 3.

Since we released Storyline 360, we’ve added 7 new features, 3 feature enhancements, and tons of bug fixes to that software as well as to Storyline 3 in preparation for its launch. (Of course the total number of new features in Storyline 3 vs Storyline 2 is many times that. You can see the version comparison chart here.) In short, we wanted to make sure that Storyline 3 had a rich enough feature set to warrant a full version upgrade. We felt that was the right thing to do by our perpetual customers.

We definitely encourage you to stay with the standalone, perpetual version of Storyline if you want to use your PMP for a straight upgrade (the intention of the PMP). Articulate 360 is a different product offering with tons more in it -- including Content Library (with 1.5+ million photos, templates, characters, videos, and other images), Articulate Review (a collaboration app that makes project reviews easy), and Rise (our brand-new responsive course authoring tool). Our intention with the PMP discount was to provide a way for PMP customers to get the additional value of Articulate 360 at a lower cost.

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