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Alyssa Gomez

Absolutely! Here is the latest email response from Lea:

Thanks for sharing your project files. I have published and uploaded this into SCORM Cloud and I was not able to replicate the issue during my testing. 

Can you please confirm the following: 

1.) You mentioned that you have installed the fonts on the local machine. Did you install the Bamini and Baamini font before publishing your course? 
2.) What is the OS device you are using to view your course? 
3.) What browser version are you using to view your course? 
4.) Can you see this issue on more than one device/browser? 
5.) What is the exact version of Articulate Storyline you are using? Please go to Help>About Articulate Storyline to obtain this. 

I look forward to these information so that I can troubleshoot this issue further. Thanks!

I want to make sure you receive our emails in the future, so could you please send me a screenshot of the email address you prefer to use by clicking here?