SL3: mp4 files won't play in Google Chrome Browser / SAP LSO

In my company we will move from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome very soon.

We are experiencing heavy problems with Storyline courses that contain mp4-files (videos).

Since this is very common nowadays in the 21rst century you can imagine  that's a bit of trouble for us.

SL3-Courses with mp4 files will play fine in Internet Explorer but Google Chrome will show up a "404 file not found error" in debugging when trying to play. The mp4-files are all in their place... they can be loaded by Internet Explorer. So that's not the problem. Google Chrome will play the same mp4 files when put on a different web server - so wrong codec isn't the problem either.

We already added the mime-type "mp4" to our LMS = SAP Learning Solution Online (LSO) and the mp4 fĂ­les are recognized correctly as "video/mpeg" in our repository explorer.

Does anyone of you have an idea, how to solve the problem?

SAP support hotline came up with "just place the mp4 outside the course as a separate learning object, the user must play the video separately" - I will leave this outdated idea uncommented.


Any help is highly appriciated! Thanks :-)

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