SL3 - Odd Flash Issues

Hello all,

I built a course and have published it for FLASH/HTML5 Fallback. The HTML5 file launches just fine from my online drive however, the flash file does not launch instead I get this screen (see attachment) that just loads infinitely. I have published other course files to the online drive and their flash file launches with no issues.


I have even launched this courses flash file locally from the My Documents --> Articulate Projects file source.


Has anyone else run into this? Is there a solution? It is driving me crazy why the file works in every other source other than online in the drive. It even launches in our LMS as flash just fine.

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Justin Lovett

Ironically as I went to test it again the "Next" button in the player on one of the slides a bit further into the course does not function in the story_flash.html version of the course when played from an online drive. It does function fully when launched from my local drive however.