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Judy Nollet

Hi, Tom,

I had that happen, except I was publishing for an LMS that used SCORM2004. The problem turned out to be a setting in the LMS (CornerStone). They needed to change the Compatibility Mode to "None."  (Alas, that's as much as I can tell you, since I'm not an LMS expert.)

If you can launch the course from the published files on your desktop, then it seems more likely that the problem is something in the LMS settings. You should also check if it happens with all browsers or just some. 

Good luck!

Tom Pendley

Hi Judy, thanks for the comment. So I am publishing and then hitting view project and I get a blank screen with spinning wheel on my laptop local but only when I publish  tincan lms. It plays fine locally and the version up on the lms is working fine. I just cant review it and wonder if its just a setting or something??? Any body have any ideas.