SL3 publishing problem

Hi everybody.

We are producing courses to a customer specification, a bit awkward to explain but i'll have a go.

The story is the Module which contains several scenes which are the Lessons, when publishing, SL3 stalls about 50% way through 'preparing to create slides..' we have left it for around 60 minutes but the progress bar doesn't move at all, it also freezes the PC so we eventually have to end the task.

The module contains 11 lessons which contain 270 slides, as this didn't work we split the module into 2 modules, so now we are trying to publish 1 module with 6 lessons which contain 137 slides, but are still getting the same stalling problem. 

Any suggestions would be great

Many thanks


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Matthew Bibby

There must be something on one of the slides that is corrupted.

Try publishing just part of the module (e.g. one scene). If it works, you know those slides are good. Continue until you can figure out which scene is causing issues.

Then try publishing each individual slide in that scene until you find the one that is causing the issue. Then you can either recreate that slide or experiment with deleting individual objects from the slide to figure out which picture or whatever is causing the issue.