Storyline 360: Trying to create a 2 Part Question

Is there any way to create a 2 part freeform question?

I have two pick one slides. The feedback for both questions collectively happens after the second question. If the student gets either question wrong, it takes them back to the first question and they try again.

Basically, I’m trying to create a 2-slide question. Anyone know how to do this?

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Ashley Murray

Thank you so much for your reply Michael. Not even kidding, we literally just found the solution.

You use a results slide, select the 2 slides, customize the fail and success slide layers, and it works beautifully. One problem we encountered was allowing the student to retry the 2 questions when the 2 slides themselves don't have feedback, but the feedback is the results slide.

The solution: have a button on the fail layer that triggers the results slide to reset and another trigger on that button that brings you back to the first question.

And BAM! 2 questions with one feedback.

Greg McEntee

I have a similar situation in a project I'm working on. 

I made it work quite simply, by using the feedback layers of the first freeform question to go to the second freeform question.

On the Question 1 Correct Layer, I added the trigger "Jump to Next Slide (or Slide name), when the timeline starts" and it loads the second freeform slide automatically

Load the Incorrect Layer as per normal, and the button trigger loads the second freeform slide.

On the Correct layer of question 2, combine the feedback responses from the 2 questions and customise the Incorrect layer of Question 2 to suit.

Hope this helps.