SL360 being able to amendor add to quiz answers on review

I am using the print results option with survey questions to allow trainees to answer reflective questions as they go through.  So far it's all working great but my client has just asked if they review their results and want to amend something or add to their previous response is it possible?  I can see they can reset to initial state but that takes out the answers completely.  Wanted to check if anyone has had success before I go back and say that I don't think it is possible.


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Cheryl,

Thank you for reaching out! 

During the review process of a quiz, the learner can go back and review the answers they submitted (but they can't change their answers). An option might be to add a Retry Button to your results slide. This gives learners an unlimited number of attempts to retake the quiz, but it does reset their responses. 

I am interested to see how the community works with survey questions!