SL360 Captions Issue - displaying behind animation in Chrome

Sep 05, 2018


Since installing Storyline 360 v. 3.19.16600.0, we are encountering an issue with captions. Our captions are appearing behind an animation when viewing on Chrome (publishing with HTML5). 

Within our .story file, the audio is at the top of the timeline in front of all other objects. 

We are using Chrome Version 65.0.3325.146

Publishing with the Classic player and HTML5 only 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jackie! Thanks for the screenshot -- that's definitely not what we'd expect!

I'm going to jump right into testing to see if I can recreate the same thing on my side. Can you tell me more about your project?

  • Is it hosted on a web server or learning management system?
  • What player settings did you use for browser and player size?

If you can share a sample of your project file as well, that'd be super helpful!

Jackie Waskewicz

Hi Ken,

I had opened a support ticket and provided a scrubbed version of our .story file. We went back and forth a few times, but I have not heard back in a few weeks. It's with their product development team is what I was told (going to reach back out today).

I would suggest submitting a support case so that  there can be more visibility on the issue (squeaky wheel!).

I had published the course to my C: drive (local drive) and hadn't not even put it up on the LMS. When the support team responded back, they provided a link that I opened in Chrome and could still see the captions behind the animations, but they stated when they tested locally it was working for them. I did send over a report of my Chrome version and settings that they requested (Chrome Version 65.0.3325.146). Our player settings are to set to allow the window to be scaled/resized.

We're still seeing it here locally, and everyone in the Enterprise would be on the same version of Chrome (with the same settings) as that is all handled and pushed out globally. To avoid the issue we are using an older version of SL360, until we hear of a fix.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jonas.  Could you attach a screenshot of what you're seeing when the captions are behind other slide objects?  I'm curious if they're "disappearing," or if you can actually see parts of them behind other objects.

As Jackie mentions, we identified an issue with closed captions disappearing in Chrome, specifically when the classic player is used, set to scale up to fill the browser, and the browser window is large or full screen.

Let me know what you think!

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