SL360, Cornerstone (CSOD), IE, Chrome - course launch and video auto-play

Jun 20, 2018

There have been many discussions in this forum on the topics of videos not auto-playing in Chrome, courses hanging up on launch in IE (all in CSOD), etc. I thought I'd start a new one to explain my solution to these issues in CSOD. Shortly after typing out this discussion, Articulate updated SL360 to v3.17.16117.0, which seems to have fixed the issues I describe below. Can you believe it?! This discussion may be too late, but I’m posting it anyway.

Platform Versions (latest as of June 2018)

  • SL360: v3.16.15842.0
  • IE: v11.2248.14393.0 update: 11.0.65
  • Chrome: 67.0.3396.87
  • Flash: Latest installed and enabled in each browser

Issues Experienced in CSOD

Note: I've tested the courses that did NOT work in CSOD as expected in scorm cloud, and they performed flawlessly, so why not in CSOD?

  1. IE: Course will launch but will hang up on load and will not display first screen.
  2. Chrome: Course will launch but videos (mp4) will not autoplay.

The issues listed above pertain to SL360 courses that include a video (mp4) set to autoplay, and the first video is set to autoplay before the course requires the user to do anything in that course (e.g. click a button). For instance, the course begins with a welcome screen then auto advances to the the next screen where a video is supposed to autoplay. In this situation, the user has NOT interacted with the course at all except for launching the course. It's almost as if the course is looking for user input just once before it will allow autoplay of the videos.

My Solution:

I'm not claiming this solution will work for everyone, but it works for me and several other co-workers that have tested different courses in IE and Chrome when launched in CSOD.

Instead of advancing automatically from the Welcome (first) screen to the next screen where a video should autoplay, I added an action to the Welcome screen for the user to click the "Next" button to advance to the next slide. This simple initial interaction by the user results in all videos after the Welcome screen autoplaying. Also, it 

You don't have to have a user click the "Next" button on the Welcome screen, but a user should interact with the slide (core content) portion of the player (not the menu on the left) in some way before any videos that are supposed to autoplay are reached.

Publish Settings in SL360:

scorm 1.2

Flash / HTML5

I've tried this solution with other publish settings (e.g. HTML5 / Flash, HTML5 only, etc.) and they did not work as intended in either IE or Chrome or both.

I hope this discussion post helps someone. I spent quite a bit of time researching and trial testing this solution.

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