SL360 Flash Publish option post 2020

Will Storyline 360 still include the option to Publish to Flash (with HTML5 fallback) next year in 2021 when Flash end of life occurs?


Unfortunately I believe my organisation will go down the Flash Enterprise route provided by Harman to enable Flash post 2020  (see following link):


We have compatibility requirements that do not allow HTML5 content to run, so the Flash Enterprise option may be required for legacy eLearning courses. However for any new courses we publish in SL360, will the Flash publish option still be available (or will it even work)?


Thanks for any insight.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Daniel!

Although we have not yet set a date when we'll remove your ability to publish to Flash, we are concerned about the risks of continuing to depend on Flash since it will be unsupported, unpatched, and unmaintained by all operating systems, browsers, and the original manufacturer. I would urge you to work with your LMS to remove their Flash dependency without delay.

If the option for publishing to Flash is removed in Storyline 360 or Studio 360, then you can use the option in Articulate 360 to rollback to an earlier version. You can maintain the latest version that has the ability to publish to Flash while you are still transitioning to a Flash-free environment.