SL360 HUGE Javascript BUG

When I add some javascript into SL360 it changes the first letter of each expression into small letters.


I enter: 

var player = GetPlayer();

and the result after publishing is:

var player = getPlayer();

And so of course the javascript can not work.

When I edit the published user.js then it works.
After changing again in SL360 to capital letter and republishing it is small again.

This happens with every first-letters - also with variables.


Case Number: 00961679


Also made a  SCREENCAST

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Christoph for sharing here and including your case number - I see that Lea passed this along to our QA Team to investigate further as we're not well equipped to support Javascript so they'll be the best ones to track down the issue and then get it fixed as well.

We'll keep you posted here and as a part of your case!

Phil Mayor

There has always been a bug in the editor that changing case after having saved once with an error and saving again the script does not save the corrected script.

You should be able to copy the script and delete the trigger and recreate the trigger or delete 

the line in the code save and the recreate the line, I expect you typed it incorrectly first time and then fell for of the bug