SL360 in VR viewer?

Nov 30, 2017


My team is currently exploring the possibility of creating a course to be viewed through a VR viewer (like Gear VR or Daydream). I know that I can add 360 videos as a webobject that will enable users to access VR with the panning functionality - but has anyone been able to publish content that can be accessed with a VR viewer (ideally in a way that will allow for standard 2D content to be viewed in the headset and switch to VR when the slide features VR webobjects).  I know you can publish the HTML5 to a standalone app, i.e with PhoneGap, is there perhaps a similar application that can publish with VR compatibility?    Any insight into using SL360 with VR would be greatly appreciated!

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Michael Hinze

The way I see it, displaying 'flat' 2D Storyline content would defeat the whole point of using a VR headset in the first place. Even if there is an app that converts/packages 2D content for VR compatibility, Storyline would merely be useful as the container for VR/3D content. If you do find a workable solution, please post it here. I'm interested in VR/AR, but can't see how Storyline could play a role in this space.

Jason  Thompson

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply!  Yes, I agree displaying flat content kind of defeats the purpose of having VR - but for the project we were looking at it wasn't really feasible to do 100 percent VR content - other than adding some kind of peripheral static VR image i.e the Netflix VR living room with the 'big screen' tv.  I've given up on this endeavour for now - and are linking to holobuilder for 3d content.  Would love Articulate to innovate here - market is primed for educational 3d content creation!



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