SL360-Is it possible to reposition player controls?

First, I can't say enough about SL360-- WOW...  The more I learn, the more I LUVIT!!! 

Second, a heartfelt thanks to all who participate on this forum, which has been great medicine for my Newbiness.  And special thanks to those who kindly reply to my questions.  

And now, here's my latest bump on the road to publishing this story...

I'm using an accordion template which works well when I create courses that do not use player controls.  On this course, I'm using TTS (a recent and great discovery!) to play audio of text in the Notes.  The volume icon shows wayyyy on the left, and I'd like for it to align better with the slide panel.  I hope the attached screenshot explains what I'm after.  

Thanks again, so much, for the help.  



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