SL360 - Issue with Japanese characters in HTML5

Hi all,

We are facing an issue with upgrade versions of SL360. Strange characters are appearing with Japanese text, when the course viewed in HTML5 output in all the browsers. We have used "MS Mincho" font in the course, and there is no issue if we are publishing the courses in SL360 version 3.14 and below. But if we are publishing the course in higher version the issue persists.

Can anyone please suggest us to overcome the issue with upgraded versions (3.15 and so on...).

Thanking you,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Padmakar,

Have you already looked at testing the troubleshooting steps here for when learners see the wrong font or missing letters in your HTML5 output? 

I don't have that font installed on my end to test it, but if you'd like to share the font files and a copy of your .story file I can test to see how it behaves on my end.