SL360: replacing fonts

Hi, I am having issues with a elearning course reagrding a missing font. It is corrupting the file and some slide are not displaying correctly (missing info). I have followed the suggestions for replacing font. It is still not working out. It shows ARIAL in the scroll down option, however the missing font is Avenir Light (displayed in red in fonts selection).  Please help. Thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gilberte,

Is that font installed on the computer on which you're opening the .story file? If not, Storyline will replace with another system font and you'll see that error message upon opening the file. 

If the font is installed on the computer, and you're still not seeing that reflected in Storyline, are you able to confirm that the font is working in other tools such as Powerpoint or Microsoft Word? If so, I'd start by closing Storyline, and then uninstall/reinstall the font while Storyline is closed. 

That should allow you to use it in Storyline, but if not, please let us know! 

Hugh Vaughan

Is there a difference between how fonts work in Storyline 360 and Storyline 2? I have a project which was created in version 2, it uses various Avenir fonts which I don’t have installed. In 360 it comes up with missing fonts dialog and I think it’s reverting to Arial. When I select a piece of text the font pull down knows what font it used to be. If I add a new piece of text the Avenir font is not listed. Sometimes it will publish with the Ariel font on another day it defaults to Times Roman.

If I open the same project file with Storyline 2 it doesn’t alert about missing fonts and will publish fine. It’s as if the fonts were embedded in the project file so I don’t need them installed. Does that sound possible?

Do you recommend using a particular format of font? I have a PFB Type One font which will crash Storyline everytime I try and select it.

Also do you recommend using the bold / italic format button on a non system font or an actual bold font weight? I.e. the bold / italic button is a false formatting so isn’t a true font weight.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Hugh,

How fonts are handled in Storyline 2 and Storyline 360 should be similar. Even though Storyline 360 is recognizing the previous font used, if it is not installed on your computer, Storyline will replace it with another system font. 

When it comes to deciding which fonts and formats to use, Trina provides some great tips that I think will help here