SL360 - Shape Bounding Box is Clickable

I have built a coloring book slide using shapes as colorable elements. In preview and Articulate Review, clicking the bounding box of a shape is counted as clicking the shape itself. Consequently, clicking on concentric circles can cause the user to color the next smaller circle (placed on top in the object order) rather than the shape that's visibly under the pointer.

Anyone else encountering this? Solutions? My file is attached.

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Walt Hamilton

It works for me as I would expect. it may look a little funny to you, but under any other circumstances, doesn't it seem intuitive that the outline of a shape is part of the shape?

You asked for a solution. I would suggest adding a white or backgound color, so the user can "undo" any slips.

Otherwise, it looks great to me, and you have done excellent work.

Christian Herman

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add white.

My problem, though isn't clicking the outline. It's clicking off the corner of one of the circles and still ending up hitting the circle. Can you confirm that clicking all the way around one of the inner rings only ever colors the ring your pointer is in?

Walt Hamilton

I see what you mean. It's not the shape, nor the outline, like I thought; it's the entire container!

That's not normal behavior. I've never seen it on any other oval with triggers. I put a new oval on the page, and it didn't act the same way, until I copied the formatting from your oval to it. So I think it has something to  do with the way the shapes were created, as the moons act the same way. See the video.

If I were troubleshooting, I would delete the largest oval, and hide some of the moons to make it easier to find the corners. Then I would rebuild the oval, with the fill, and outline, one step at a time stopping at each step  to test it. That way you can find which step is doing this.