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Jan 12, 2017

I'm not sure how to explain this properly so bear with me a moment. This question page I have has a whole ton of triggers and variables and and/ifs in it. It's behaving mostly properly but one part is showing correct answers when it should be showing as incorrect. 

So is there like some kind of log I can look at to see what it's going through and what has triggered what changes? If that makes sense. I've inspected the triggers a few times and as far as I can tell its ok(its obviously not) It seems like the state is changing to correct as long as something is in the box, kind of.

If needed I'll try and isolate the question so you fine folks can have a look.



/edit issue isolated on attached file

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Walt Hamilton

A really powerful troubleshooting tool is the reference tool. Create a textbox, click on Insert, then Reference. It will allow you to choose a variable name. In design, it looks like %VariableName%, but in play or preview, it shows the contents of the variable. You can use it to observe the contents and changes of variables. If you are concerned about states, copy the trigger in question, paste it right after itself, and change the copy to change a variable instead of changing the state. That way you can trace the logic and activity. If the variable changes, the activity is happening, but something is wrong with the state. If it doesn't change, the logic is faulty, or the activity doesn't happen.

BTW, you can just type the name of the variable (surrounded by %), if you know it.

Bruce French

ok, heres the issue isolated. Basically put anything in the boxes and it tell you its right. leave them blank it'll tell you they're wrong and put numbers in all boxes and it'll say wrong

It's on pressing the check button (named check2) I've gone through the triggers to make sure there's no != where it should be == and all seems well with that. Nothing else that I can see should be effecting those boxes. (the state change is on a regular shape behind the no fill text entry btw)


Walt Hamilton

Something like:

Adjust TempVariable to True when user clicks check2

Adjust TempVariable to False when user clicks check2 if Q10CNumber != 16 OR Q10CNumber != 36 OR Q10CNumber != 64

Change state of 10Cnumback to incorrect when user clicks check2 if TempVariable = False AND Q10Cprop1 != A, etc

They aren't independent because the two triggers are executed together. The second trigger merely does all the OR checking and passes its results to the AND checking in a form it can use as as AND. Only the final trigger is allowed to change the state.

Bruce French


I've tried that and its still strange. It seems to be flatout ignoring the conditions for some reason.

I've played with the triggers a bit but no matter what i put in %Q10number% it changes the state of the tempvar to false! Is there a problem inside this version of storyline or something or am i missing something really obvious.

I put a reference to it on the page too so I can see it start true and change to false if the number entered is 16 or AAA. 


/edit- anyone know if any on the pre baked quizzing solutions can pull off what I'm trying to do?

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