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Wendy Farmer

Hi Crys

if you are using SL2 - you can set a trigger to disable the Next button when the timeline starts and then set another trigger to set the next button to normal when...

the when depends on if your user has to e.g. click items/reveal layers, listen to audio...

so it could be when media (audio or video) completes, when timeline ends.

Feel free to upload your .story file using the grey 'Add Attachment' button in the post if you need more help.


Steve VE

Assuming you want to have them view elements in any order, variables will work here. The general idea:

  1. Set the state of the next button to Disable.
  2. You have three layers. Layer1, Layer2, Layer3.
  3. You have three variables. Layer1Complete, Layer2Complete, Layer3Complete. All three variables are set to False.
  4. On each layer you will add two triggers. You'll call these whenever you think it's appropriate. When media complete, when timeline ends, whatever. The triggers are:
  • Set LayerXComplete variable to True.
  • If Layer1Complete is True AND Layer2Complete is True AND Layer3Complete is True then enable the Next button.

This way, the only way the Next button is enabled is if all three variables are set to True (i.e. the user has completed whatever it is they have to complete before the variable is set to True). Be sure to set the LayerXComplete variables to True before you check if all three are true.

Hope this helps.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karim and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out for some clarification. It looks like the triggers were shared above and I see that you also posted here and are getting some assistance.

You can set this up for the built-in navigation or your custom buttons. It simply depends on how you've built the course.