Slide advancement / help with NEXT button appearance

Hello everyone, 

Would someone be able to point me in the right direction here as I can't seem to be able to work out how to best solve the following issue?

Attached are two quiz slides. In the first set of questions, the user must tick all options before they can progress to the following slide. I would like them however to be able to review the list of options after getting them right and then manually click to progress. 

So I think I need to:

1. Remove the trigger which results in automatic advancement to the next slide when the user presses CONTINUE on the CORRECT box. 

2. Create a new trigger which makes the NEXT button appear after the correct answers have been submitted?? Note: The next button should NOT appear until the user has got all the answers correct.

Any thoughts on best practice to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance.


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Walt Hamilton

You have done #1, as for #2:

Create trigger to Change state of NEXT button when timeline starts on slide, and another one on the correct layer to Change state of NEXT button when user clicks Continue button. (This trigger should go along with the Hide this layer trigger on the Continue button.)