Slide and scene previews don't work

Dec 29, 2015

Hi, everybody. Hope yo can help me. Since yesterday, the preview function does not work: I get a grey window, but no preview, neither on slide, nor scen neither with the play button in time line view.

I uninstalled the program and downloaded it, but the problem continues. 

Sincerey appreciate your help.




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Georges!

Thanks for reaching out here. This is something that seemed to bubble up over night with a recent release of Flash player and our Support engineers are hard at work on this issue. We've got some updated documentation here and a workaround and we'll keep folks posted on any additional information once we've got information to share. 

It seems to be an issue within the Adobe Flash update that is affecting more than just Articulate software per the bug report on Adobe's site. The current solution is to rollback the Flash player update and once we have additional information to share in regards to hearing back from Adobe or fixes within Articulate we'll be sure to update folks here and for any open cases associated with this issue. 

Georges Fontaine

Dear leslie,

I really thought it was a virus causing the problem. Thank you so much for such a fast answer. I'm very gratefull. In fact, the published version works ok. But the preview is an almost indispensable tool while designing. I'll try to find out how to rollback the flash player in the meantime (hope to find out how!)

Thanks again. I'll be checking Storyline knews. 

With my best regards and a very happy and prosperous New Year.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Georges!

I did see another user mention in a similar thread the following:

If you go to the Adobe Site and download this uninstaller, you are then able to install and older version. Here is the link:

Perhaps that'll work for you? 

Happy New Year to you as well!

Tim Danes

Hi Leslie,

Nice work on the response and suggestions.  I had the problem... but not now.  Here's my steps (based on your prompts)

  1. Use the uninstall tool from Adobe:
  2. Download (158MB) the older version of Flash, unzip, and install:

I've also attached the initial problem, just as a sample. 

Thanks ;)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Adobe and Microsoft released information that Windows 10 and 7/Vista have been updated. 

Install the latest Windows updates to resolve it.

  1. Go to the Start menu and click Settings.
  2. When the Settings window opens, click Update & Security.
  3. Click Check for updates and allow the latest updates to install.
  4. Reboot your computer and test your Articulate software again.

We're waiting for additional information in regards to Windows 8.

Georges Fontaine

Hi, my Heroes!

Thanks for the info

In fact, I updated my windows 7 yesterday due to a problem with windows live mail, and I was very pleased that I could again preview my work in storyline after the repair.

I had tried to unistall the Flash version, but with google It was not possible since Flash is automatically updated in google chrome .

Thanks for the help. Happy to be able to work normally again with this wonderfull program.

Georges Fontaine

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

We don't have it officially documented yet - but I just installed the Windows 8 updates myself and after rebooting my system, everything seems to be previewing and working normally. This article will be updated later today if you need to follow those steps to go through the update process.  (article is within Storyline, but same steps will apply for Storyline 1 and Studio '13 in regards to Windows updates). 

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