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Hi guys,


I wonder if anyone could possibly help me. I'm creating a game on SL2 and i want the background to move whilst the character moves, essentially like the basic Mario game. I have created a long image of the background and placed it in the slide but for the life of me i cant really figure out how to get it to run properly. The character will be moving via motion paths controlled by the keypad. I tried to place a motion path on the background to move at 0.25 but i feel its still not right. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!! :) 

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Liz Watkins

Tobias, I am not an expert, but using a motion path the length of the image and set at a speed in seconds should do the trick. Make sure the "direction" (ease) is set to none. Then add a trigger to restart path animations after the animation completes. This should loop it. 

Also, try breaking you background image in to pieces. Whatever the size of your screen, match the art too fit, for example, 720 x 405, the pieces should be 720 x 405 (100%). so let say you have a 3600px background, you would have 5 images. Then group them together and then add the motion path. This will make you image look much sharper.