Slide auto-advances on quiz slide if no answer selected


Have an issue on my quiz question slides whereby not selecting an answer will bring up the default "You must complete the question before submitting" message, but clicking the OK button then advances to the next slide instead of allowing the user to select an answer. Feedback is set to "By Question", Score "By Question", Attempts is "Unlimited", and slide property is set to Side Advances By User. Any ideas what to look for here?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Stephen! Happy to help you solve this.

I created a quick 3-question sample in Storyline 360 using the settings you described, and I didn't notice that clicking OK on the Invalid Answer layer directed me to the next slide. 

You can test my sample by clicking here. 

What version of Storyline are you using? Do you notice any other differences between your file and my sample?

Stephen Lee

Thanks Alyssa. I'm using 360. I didn't build the course, but looks like the quizzes have custom Correct/Incorrect layers. The correct layer will show a brief check mark and then auto-advance. If I make the correct layer advance by user on click, then if the user does not make a choice and just clicks Submit, they are brought back to the question. So that looks like a fix. However, I don't really understand how currently not selecting an option seems to result in using the correct layer trigger of auto-advancing.

Stephen Lee

Upon further testing, it seems like is only an issue when publishing to Articulate Review. Previewing the project within Storyline results in making the user select an answer before they can proceed to next slide. Same thing if I publish to Scormcloud.

However, when I publish to Review, clicking Submit without selecting an option will then auto advance to the next slide instead of making the user select an answer. I tested the Review link in both Chrome and IE.

I've uploaded a file privately.