Slide Background Disappears

I captured a single screen - no movement - and added four seven second dialogs, starting at one second - total duration is 25 seconds.  After running for 13 1/2 seconds the slide background disappears and I am left with the remaining dialogs on a blank background.  I can't see any settings, or reason, as to why this happens.

Help please.

Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Elena,

I don't see where Stewart ever submitted a support case, so I'm not entirely sure what his issue was. I have seen a similar situation that he described, where the user had remove the screen recording image from the timeline, and therefore it disappeared. The suggestion in her case was:

You may have accidentally deleted the screen recording "object" on the slide. In Articulate Storyline, if you do Insert > Record screen (be sure to click on the lower half of the button), you will see the recordings that you have made on that file. If you click on the image of one of the recordings, it will re-inserts the recording slides into your file. Please try this on your end. The recording slides will then be reinserted and have all the original objects including the missing screen recording object.