Slide-by-slide video triggers

Feb 11, 2014


I've made my first video recordings in Storyline. I'm sure all of the triggers were working at one stage, but now I have a few that won't progress at all and a couple that take about a minute to progress to the next slide. (I have noticed that the screen recordings appear differently for each of these issues. I possibly recorded these two differently.) Could someone please take a look at the attached screen shots and tell me if they can see anything obviously wrong? I need to re-record these videos anyway, but I think it's best I know what has gone wrong here so that I don't replicate the problem in the next attempt. I'd also like to reduce the general progression time of all of the slides, but I'm not sure how to do this.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lil Monk,

I don't see any differences between the two trigger set ups, so I'm wondering if we could take a look at your Storyline file. I know you mentioned you're going to rerecord the screen recordings, so if you'd like to wait and see if it was a one time issue, that works as well. You can share here in the forums if you'd like or if you'd prefer to share privately I can send you directions on how to send it to me. 

Lil Monk

Hi Ashley

Both screens are problems, and the ones that work don't seem to be any different. The only difference I noted in the first screen is that the video recording appears as "Screen Recording Action" in the timeline and is visibly longer. I assume I may have recorded this differently.

I need someone else with me when the software processes are recorded, so I'd like to work out this error now so that I don't have to take any more of his time down the track.

How can I submit the file privately?

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