Slide Design Ideas for Software Instruction

Apr 04, 2013


I'm creating a course on how to navigate through our software.  If you were creating a class on how to navigate through Outlook, (what all the buttons mean and do, etc) how would you format?

I tried using hot spots, but when I preview the course, you can't click where the hot spots are placed, and the areas to click on are too small and close together to have the hot spots any bigger.

I appreciate any ideas.  Thanks so much!!  

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Ashley W

Hey Teresa,

I'm working on a slightly similar project, here's the thread I started, there's some good stuff in there:

What I've done is broken down sections of the ribbon into larger groupings, the people taking the course have to select which ones they want to learn more about.  This way my slides aren't too cramped.

Teresa Donnelly

I love the thread you linked!  I'm wondering how I can incorporate the discussions idea... I love that.

On your sample above, that's almost exactly what my task is, and I'm trying to find a way to have the learners click on all of the menu items to learn about the contents of each menu item.  I like your idea of grouping them.  I may try to play around with zoom regions and animations.


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