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Kim Tabacsko

Sorry for the confusion.  Jumping to specified slides from 1.3 works like a dream.  I'm having issues with jumping back to 1.3.  So after 1.5, it should jump back to 1.3 when user clicks "next".  Same with after 1.9, 1.23 and 1.31.  I want to direct the user back to that table each time.  I have the triggers set on each of those slides to jump to 1.3 but in the final output it is not doing that.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kim

on slide 1.5  you have the next button trigger - jump to slide 'next slide' which is slide 1.6.  You would need to add the trigger

jump to slide, slide 1.3 when user clicks next button for it to return to the course table page.

The next three sections look like they are returning to slide 1.3 which is correct

Not sure what is happening on the course summary section 1.32, 1.33 and 1.34 - where do you want them to go after slide 1.34 back to 1.3 or exit?