Slide doesn't display correctly on high res screen

Oct 13, 2020

Hello I have received feedback, that some slides do not display correctly on high resolution screens. 

"Attached is a screenshot of the Risk Management e-learning. This is how it displays on a screen with high resolution. These systems often change the DPI standard to make it readable. In the e-learning this is not always taken into account, which results in attached screenshot."

Do you know how that can be resolved or what I might miss? 

Thank you


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Anika!

I'm happy to help! Here are a few steps we can take to start troubleshooting:

  1. Is this happening in every browser or just a particular one? 
  2. Is the course in an LMS or web server?
  3. Have you tried resizing the browser to see if the object move to the correct spot?
  4. Is this happening with every slide in the course?

If you can share the project with us, it would help see the snag in action. You can either attach it to this discussion or upload it to us privately!

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