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Bruce Graham


I think the issue here is the paradigm you are working in.

In Studio, a slide has length a --> b

In Storyline, a slide could have a length a --> b, or perhaps a--> c if you click on something and go to the layers.

Maybe they only do half of it before clicking on that little icon, and WHAY - off they go to slide 46 layer 3.

I do not think it's a "fix", we have to alter the way we think about learning, and slide length is becoming less important, we need to find ways top explain the importance of learning objectives to people, rather than the time taken to get there.

Does that make sense?


Katie Bediova

I think this is really a feature that should be added - the ability to display the slide length on the player (and submitted a featured request).

We do create elearning in such a way that user can skip around through (as Bruce mentioned), but some of the slides are videos. On these slides, I really need to display the video length to the learner. Without the ability to do this, the learner gets frustrated as they don't know how long the video is or if they have time to finish watching it (this happens even if it is a 2 or 3 min video).

I think it really ought to be something we can turn on and off for each individual slide like the the prev and next buttons. We can add a seek bar, it would make sense to be able to add the length.

Katie Bediova

Trying that out it adds the controls to the actual slide, not to the player. Because of this you can't see the controls when the videos are full screen (all of mine are). You have to make the videos smaller or change the size of the project to add room for the controls. 

It also looks a little a bit weird because I end up with the play button and duration above the volumn control and the Prev/Next button. Is there any way easy to merge the video controls into the player? Or do they have to sit on the actual slide?

Sheila Stamper

Hi, I see that the last post regarding slide duration was two years ago. I'm checking to see if there are any updates to adding the slide duration and entire course duration to Storyline? I use the duration to notify students how long the course is and the time is used to assign points and credits when the course is completed. Thanks

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sheila! 

The Storyline Player does not include slide duration or course duration timer. However, if you want to manually add a text box to display the total duration on the first slide, you can find out the estimated duration within the Publishing window.  Click the ellipsis button (...) next to the Title field to open the Project Info window. There you'll see the Duration listed. 

If you need to find out how long a learner viewed a course, try looking in your LMS data. Your LMS administrator should be able to point you in the right direction!