Slide Duration Resetting to Full Length of Triggered Audio

Nov 06, 2015

Our client has asked that their course be locked down with restricted navigation, but we're using a 3 minute track for introductory music on the first slide. As a workaround, I've set the media to play on timeline start so that we can shorten the slide length to only 6 seconds.

However, the slide duration is resetting to the full duration of the track whenever the project file is saved every 2-3 times.

Is there any way for us to prevent the duration from resetting randomly? Is this a bug or the intended functionality?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I'm not seeing the same issue when adding in an audio file and changed it to be triggered when timeline starts and then shrunk the timeline down to 8 secs then adding a bunch more stuff, saving as I went. I never saw the timeline change back to the original (like 30 + seconds). 

Could you share your .story file here with us so that we could take a look? Attached is what I was working on. 

Melissa Ennis

Hi Michael,

I am also experiencing the same thing that you described.  Just about every time I save a file, one or more of the slide timelines with user-triggered audio will expand to the full length of the audio.  This has been happening for the past several months, and it's not consistent across files or individual slides.

Have you been able to shed any light on the problem?  It's just random enough to make it difficult for tech support to reproduce the issue, so any insight would be helpful.


Mike Jones

Hi Melissa,

I believe we were originally told that it was the intended behavior as far as Storyline's code was concerned, but it looks like that comment has since been removed. I just realized that I never responded here, after Ashley responded—whoops!

In our particular situation, the audio isn't triggered by the user, but rather by a "Play media on timeline start" trigger that is followed by a "Play media when media completes" trigger—to give us a never-ending loop of the intro music track. What we've had to do is make sure to check the slide in question every time before republishing. Definitely not an ideal situation, but it's worked for us.

If you have multiple slides in a project, though—that could become a big headache quickly! Sorry for not having better news, or a fix!

@Ashley or Leslie, if you're still interested in seeing the file, I can share it with you privately for testing.

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