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Mar 27, 2020

Hi. We have these "review" courses. The first page plays, then the student clicks the "answer" button and the layer with the answer plays.  Once the answer to the layer plays, I want the student to use the "next question" button.  On some of my slides, the images fade out at the end on the "answer" page.  I cannot figure out why and make them stop. I want the last pics and the button to stay on the page until the student clicks the "next question" button.  Can anyone help me?  I have attached an example slide to show what I mean.

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Tyler Braddick


Thanks for reaching out. I took a look at your example slide and found the issue that is causing your troubles. The problem was caused by the Next Question button and your final picture (Picture 8)  having a fade out animation applied to it same as the other objects in the timeline. I've uploaded the file with the change applied so you can see it on your machine. 

I've also included a short screen capture so you can see what I've done:

I hope this helps you out!

Thank You,


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