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Matthew Khawam

Having spoken to your live help guys it seems you can't do this. I had wanted to be able to group a number of slides into one collapsible group or folder so you can have it show as one slide in your timeline / story view rather than having very long slide lists.  

It seems like it would be a good idea to be able to create groups or folders to help tidy up the story view when working on large projects, seems the best way for now is to use many different scenes which isn't the best fix.

It would also be nice to have the ability to make folders to organise variables or layers in. 

Matthew Khawam

Thanks very much for that, impressed at the support from you guys.

However the problem wasn't in the player I have branching slides within a scene which causes problems with the automatic slide numbers as well as screen recordings in other scenes as such I have turned off the menu.

The issue is having longer screen recordings, it would great if you could make a folder or group that could collapse all the slides so they display as one in the story view mode, allowing you to collapse or expand them when needed.    

The same goes for layers or variables if you have more that 6 or so layers the UI looks a little cluttered,  

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Matthew, 

Thanks for your patience and explaining what you would like to do. I'd encourage you to share your thoughts, use-case, and perhaps some screenshots (for understanding) via our feature request form here.

I'd do it on your behalf, but I know I would not do it the full justice it deserves honestly :)