Slide in menu

I am currently working on a course where I would like the learner to be able to click on a tab and directions will slide in. I then want them to click on is again to have it slide out. 

I have created a motion path for it to slide in but can not figure out how to get it to slide out because they would have to click on the same group for it to slide out. 

Does anyone have any experience with slide in menus?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

I'm sure there are a few approaches to this. I'll plug in mine all the way back from the SL1 days. The technique still works (arguably more efficient in terms of performance in SL1 and SL2 - SL3 blows the file size 20-fold for some reason), although it takes some getting used to in the beginning. (Flash Only demo)

Feel free to download the template.

Hope this helps,