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Katie Riggio

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for raising this. I'm happy to look into that blank slide in Story View!

I found one other report of this problem from a while back, where reinstalling Storyline and the PC helped. Could you try that and let me know if you notice a difference?

If the blank view remains, let's see if we can identify the source:

  • Working from a shared drive can cause blank slides. Let's make sure that you're working on a local hard drive.
  • Is this happening in any file or just the one in the screenshot?
Sylvia Wright

Hi Katie,

Thanks for getting back on this. I just reinstalled SL3 and there are still blank slides. I do not work on a shared drive, but I am on Parallels. It appears to be particular slides. I just checked the same slide in another file and it too is blank. I tried importing it into the working file, but it came in blank.

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Sylvia!

I appreciate you trying all the things, and I'm sorry to hear that the blank slides remain.

Do you mind if I take a closer look at one of the files? You can attach the project to this public discussion OR upload it privately to me with this link.

Either way, I'll take a look at it on Storyline 3 Update 11 and report back!