slide invisible in storyview

Nov 23, 2020

Does anyone have any idea why some slides appear blank in the storyview even though they are not actually blank?  Just wondering. I'm using SL3. Thank you.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for raising this. I'm happy to look into that blank slide in Story View!

I found one other report of this problem from a while back, where reinstalling Storyline and the PC helped. Could you try that and let me know if you notice a difference?

If the blank view remains, let's see if we can identify the source:

  • Working from a shared drive can cause blank slides. Let's make sure that you're working on a local hard drive.
  • Is this happening in any file or just the one in the screenshot?
Sylvia Wright

Hi Katie,

Thanks for getting back on this. I just reinstalled SL3 and there are still blank slides. I do not work on a shared drive, but I am on Parallels. It appears to be particular slides. I just checked the same slide in another file and it too is blank. I tried importing it into the working file, but it came in blank.

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Sylvia!

I appreciate you trying all the things, and I'm sorry to hear that the blank slides remain.

Do you mind if I take a closer look at one of the files? You can attach the project to this public discussion OR upload it privately to me with this link.

Either way, I'll take a look at it on Storyline 3 Update 11 and report back!

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