Slide layer is not appearing when trigger conditions are met

Sep 10, 2019

I have a slide where I want a continue button to appear after four buttons in the slide are pressed.  This continue button will take the user to the next slide when it is pressed.

Each of the four buttons open a layer which are on top of the base slide. The continue button is on its own layer, which is on top of all the other layers.  I have created a trigger to say that the 'Continue" layer will show when the state of the four buttons are 'visited'.  The buttons are all working and they are in the visited state.  However the Continue layer is not appearing. 

What am I doing wrong?  

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Wendy Farmer

Absolutely you can do that OR set each step button to initial disabled state and trigger it to normal when they click the previous button.


  • Change state of step 2 to normal when user clicks step 1
  • Show layer step 1 when user clicks step 1

or if you have a close button on each layer you could attach the change state of the step 2 button to normal when user clicks close button on step 1 layer.


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