Slide layer not appearing in 360

I am experiencing an issue where I am updating a course from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 and I have a map interaction (I've posted the slide here) where you click on a pin and then it shows a layer with a resident of that city with some dialogue, but none of the layers are showing up for some reason. Can anyone assist?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nicholas - Not sure if it's the JavaScript as we are looking into some issues where this doesn't work quite the same in SL360. Would you be able to share a copy of your working SL2 file for comparison? You probably have a file with the same name and backup in the name from where you upgraded the file. Thanks so much!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicholas!

I published the SL2 backup story that you've shared here. I can see it working in Preview, but this does not work when viewing the HTML5 output. Check out my published file here in a supported HTML5 browser.

So, it made me take another look at your SL360 file and it is working the same. Check out the published output here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Nicholas! Thanks for confirming.

I will admit that I totally overlooked a small detail :)

Your menu layer was set to hide other slide layers, so it was not working as intended. So, the Flash file was actually the issue and I was looking at it from the wrong angle.

Take a look at the published output here and I'm re-attaching your file.