Slide Layer not appearing, trigger blinks layer & loops back to base layer


    I Created a layer with hot spots that links to other layers. My goal is for the user to hover over sections of an image and learn more about each section. When clicking on the base layer Click Here to begin button. It blinks and then goes back to the base layer. It wont stay on the layer for me to test the hot spots or even look at the layer slide.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shannon,

I was just playing with your file - and I saw a few things with that being one of them. :)

It looks like you manually hide all the elements from your base layer slide on the individual slide layers using the "eye" icons? I'd recommend using the layer properties to accomplish that and not have any odd behavior.

Also you're using hotspots but you've set them to no fill - hotspots are invisible as a part of the preview or publish and only appear on the slide stage as semi transparent. So changing how they appear is not necessary. 

Mark Shepherd

Hi Shannon:

Restore on mouse leave does indeed correct your initial layer-transition issue.

Some suggestions for your project:

  • Consider adding some shapes or something to help indicate where your hotspots are. 

    One method might be to add a square or rectangle comparable to your hotspots' positions, but with a contrasting color outline of about 2-3 pixels thickness, to give visual clues to the user.
  • Consider changing the red notification shape to a different animation (Fade? Appear?), or just not use any animation at all, as it is the same message on all layers.
  • Consider adding a few True/False variables to control the order in which the layers are displayed, plus adding a few text messages on each layer with a character so you can script the whole process.

This last one is a detail piece, but might be worth it if you want to have the whole project run as a conversational dialog.

Hope this helps!