Slide Layer Properties

1) I took the "previous" and "next" slide navigation controls off my slide properties on my main slide because I wanted to force the learns to click on a button to see the layer before moving to the next slide.  I tried to put the "previous/next" navigation controls on the layer but there is no option to do this.  Do I just have to create a button and a trigger to jump to the next slide or a trigger to move to the next slide at the end of the timeline?

2)Is there an easy way to ensure that a learner is clicking on your buttons to see all the slide layers before moving on in the course?

thanks for any help!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Tracy and Katie,

Katie, tx for jumping in. I don't know who created the example that was given to you (do you remember? you might want to credit them here), but it's a good one.

Tracy, I understand that you removed the default next button, and if that's the look you want, you should stick with it! But just as a point of information, you CAN actually set things up so clicking next will send the Learners to layers first and then to a subsequent slide. That's what I've done with the attached. I use variables to achieve this. If you're interested and would like more details, please shout out!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Ah, Antony always has good examples .

Tracy, glad Katie and I...and Antony!...were able to get you going in the right direction. And yes re getting the hang of variables. Takes a bit...looking at other people's examples and redoing them is a great way to least it has been and continues to be for me.