Slide Layer Properties

Hello, Is there a way to change a "Slide layer Property" with a trigger ?

I've done a Loop using 2 layers and in both layers i have selected "Pause timeline on base layer" and i would like to deselect this option in both layers using a trigger.

I've tried using a trigger on the base layer to resume the Timeline and it does not work.

Please help.   Thanks

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Luke Benfield

I don't believe you can change Slide Layer Properties with a trigger. That being said, you can probably accomplish what you're looking for using variables.

Would you be able to provide more detail of what you're looking to do? And if you wouldn't mind sharing a project file, that would be great.

Luke Benfield

Thanks Pierre-Andre. After reviewing, and if I'm understanding what you are trying to do correctly, I would actually recommend a simpler solution.

I created a layer called Transition and copied over the brick graphic that is supposed to shrink and disappear. I created a trigger to jump to 1.2/Page 2 when the timeline ends and made sure the timeline ended after 1 second to give the exit animation time to finish and not look too choppy.

Next, I added triggers to the BrickA and BrickB layers to show the Transition Layer if you click on the brick.

I also took out all the change state triggers, and if you don't need the variables for future slides, then you can probably delete those as well.

I thought the loop trick you built to simulate a perpetual glow/pulse was really cool! Kudos.

Attached is the file with the changes I made. You should be able to replicate fairly easily. Let me know if you have any other questions, and hope that helped.