Slide Layer Question - Ability to click stops on final layer

I've attached a 1 slide - 9  layer (base +8) story created in SL1.

As described in the Notes panel in this story, I don't understand why - whenever I click Tab 8 - I am not able to click any other tab.  

I can click Tabs 1 - 7 until the cows come home but as soon as I click tab 8 - that's it - no more clicking allowed. 

Any suggestions on how to fix this? 

Thank you,

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Christine

I think there is something on layer 8 that is overlaying all the tabs.

Here is a screenshot of layer 7 - all layers 1 to 7 are like this

and here is a screenshot of layer 8

See how you have an object that is overlaying the bottom of all the tabs - that would be restricting you from clicking anything.

hope that helps